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Construction job is the best job in foreign countries like Canada. Canada is hiring employees in their construction companies these days. So, if you want to get your dream job in Canada in a wide range of available jobs there is a best time to apply for you. Canadian companies are running Multi Billion Dollar Projects in East, West, and Central coasts. There is best opportunity to work with the most efficient builders and engineers in Canada for long term projects. Hence, the people who want to live with their family in Canada can also apply for long term jobs. The Electrical Energy Production Space and Transport Space are the long term projects that hire overseas for long time job.

You can get information here related construction jobs, job criteria, salary, and eligibility criteria.

Job Criteria:

Construction sector is on booming once again after the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Now a days construction jobs become more exclusive and it doesn’t require any formal education for labor, electrician, mechanic, and excavator designation. In Canadian construction companies, you can work as construction laborer, painter, electrician, and many more. Working in Construction Company as basic laboring jobs, you can earn more than $25 an hour.

Construction Jobs 2022 in Canada with Salary Data:

A person who works in Canadian Construction Company approximately earns 70,300 CAD in a year. This is the average yearly salary that gets by the research data.

Construction Laborer:

Job Description;

University of British Columbia needs laborer for Labor Division, Multiple Services, and Building Operations department. They have to assist in hard and soft landscape with the help of specialized equipments and employee self physical effort.


The last date to apply for this post is 31st March, 2022.

Pay Range;

The monthly average salary range is 4,009 CAD – 4,371 CAD.

Construction Worker:

Job Description;

Manitoba Government, The Pas, MB needs a construction worker for the water conveyance structure, bridges, building, and water resources maintenance and operations. They have to assist in bridge repairing, installations, also assist in maintaining and operating the pumping facilities.


The last date to apply is 11th December, 2022.

Pay Range;

A construction worker average yearly salary is 41,593 CAD – 45,871 CAD.

Landscaper Construction:

Job Description;

Landscaper Construction is required in City of Brampton for Community Services Department. A landscaper is responsible to install and repair paving, timber, playing area equipments, and drainage infrastructure. He is also responsible to submit manpower schedule and equipment to get supervisor approval. In manpower schedule, a landscaper will have to add estimating material costs and delivery schedules.


The last date to apply is July 1, 2023.

Pay Range;

A landscaper construction salary is 32.13 CAD an hour.

Construction Electrician Helper:

Job Description;

The PARAVIEW ELECTRICAL LTD Company needs a construction electrician helper. There is no need of degree, certificate, or diploma only trained employee will be encouraged. His job responsibility is to

  • Load, unload, and transport materials
  • Mixing and pouring the materials
  • Cleaning the chemical spills
  • Removing the wastes at construction site

Pay Range;

A Construction Electrician Helper salary is CAD 21 per hour.

Assistant Construction Manager:

Job Description;

Canadian Dynamics Company requires an Assistant Construction Manager for full time. This is the contract base job where an assistant construction manager will have to assist the Construction Project  Manager with daily updates related project safety, quality, schedule, cost, suppliers information, and many more.


Assistant Construction Manager must have

  • At least 5 years of working experience as assistant construction manager
  • He has strong analytical skills
  • Efficient verbal and written skills
  • Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification (if have) but its not compulsory

Eligibility Criteria;

Candidate has Engineering Bachelor’s Degree or Construction Management Certificate

Construction Coordinator:

Job Description;

Dynamics Company in Canada requires Construction Coordinator on contract base. His responsibility is to assists the project management team to execute prime contracts and down stream contracts. He will also responsible for client’s safety policies.


Candidate who apply for the construction coordinator post must have

  • Internship certificate or related experience letter
  • Should have basic knowledge related construction processes
  • Leadership experience
  • Must have efficient computer skills like MS Word, Excel, Power Point

Eligibility Criteria;

Candidate has Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or a Construction Management Certificate

Career Growth in Construction Jobs:

As we know that older generation approaches retirement age, many higher level jobs are emerging. You can take a start as entry level job in the construction industry but with the efficient work you can quickly climb up the ranks. Like a Site Manager and Foreman can earn approximately CAD 250,000 per year in Canada with a few years of working experience.

How to Get Visa to Work in Canada?

To work in Canadian Construction Industry, British Columbia is on high demand. British Columbia is providing many opportunities to the overseas to get a working visa when your construction job confirmed. Some of the cities like Vancouver and Toronto are offering working visa to work in its construction companies.

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